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Prestige Engineering
Carp Porter

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The Carp Porter range by Prestige Engineering.
British and proud of it.

A large selection of our products are still made in the UK. All our competitors carp barrows without exception are made in the far east.

Prestige Engineering invented the carp barrow or widely known as carp porter. We have been leaders of tackle transportation for 20 years. Why? Because we specialise,we don’t copy we innovate. This year just look at our accessory range. New front bags, triporter rear wheels for mk2 and fat boy, waterproof barrow covers,straight and adjustable handles, side bags etc. A complete system to enhance your barrow and make it easier to use. When you buy a carp porter you are not just buying a fishing barrow,you are a part of the most specialised tackle transportation and accessory system available .

We don’t worry about gimmicks,just enhancements and practical ideas designed to make shifting heavy loads from your car to your swim. And these ideas work. This is why we are the only specialised and most successful tackle transportation company in the word

The Carp Porter brand is recognised for its quality and associated with the top anglers.

Consider this we don’t pay consultants most top anglers use our products out of choice and because they work. Even our competitors use our products.
There is a carp porter to suit your needs. Please check our complete range.
Please note our products are subject to copyright and or patents.

Insist on the best.
Insist on Carp Porter.
Don't believe us, just look what top anglers use. Most of the top anglers in the UK use our products out of choice as they are the best available.

New Products
New Sleepeezi Bedchair
Low Loader Fat Boy
Mk2 Triporter
Staight Handles For Mk2, Mk4s And Fat Boy
Waterproof Barrow Cover
Realtreee Camo Bags

Our Carp Barrows
Power Porter Mk3
Mk4 S Carp Porter
NEW Mk5 Carp Porter
Mk2 Carp Porter
Mk2 Fat Boy
Low Loader Fat Boy
New Transformer
Porterlite 2
Stalking Barrow

Home | Products | About Us | Contact Us | Top Dealers | Reviews

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